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Working with Emplicity Search gives you an experience you will not find with other agencies. Emplicity Search will work with you to understand your future vision to match candidates with positions that will result in long-term commitments - whether you're a job seeker or employer.

Emplicity Search leverages two different recruiting models: Hourly Search and Contingent Search.

Hourly Search. The hourly search option provides expert, full cycle recruiting services in a convenient pay-as-you-go model. As the client, you authorize a block of hours at a competitive rate. You also retain the option to reauthorize or discontinue search hours at anytime. Once a candidate is hired, there is no additional placement fee. It's like agency style recruiting, but much more affordable.

Emplicity Search is also available to partner with employers to develop, maintain, or improve your Employer Branding and social media presence at an hourly rate.

Contingent Search. Contingent Search enables Emplicity Search to bear the risk of a difficult search but still operate under your time constraints. Technically complex job requirements or specific skill sets may prove to be a tough find for some employers. Although hourly recruiting is a popular option, contingent searches require payment only when the right candidate is successfully hired. All full-cycle recruiting activities are included with this option and, again, you'll only pay a fee in the event that you hire the candidate. Costs are based on a percentage of placements annual salary. Candidates are placed with such confidence that Emplicity Search offers a robust pro-rata refund policy to ensure client satisfaction under any circumstances.

Matching Candidates and Employers

Brandy Burbridge
Brandy Burbridge
Director of Recruiting

As Director of Recruiting, Brandy Burbridge provides full life-cycle recruiting to a variety of clients in Southern California and nationwide. Brandy brings more than a decade of experience to the table, along with a keen understanding of building business and candidate relationships, a dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction, and a passion for successful placements. Prior to joining Emplicity, Brandy led the high-volume recruiting efforts of a large architecture firm and was a successful business owner. Both opportunities provided valuable insight and perspective that she still calls upon in today’s recruiting activities.

Brandy’s passion for recruiting is seen in every facet and detail of her work. She consistently identifies first-rate candidates and connects them with the right opportunities. She finds success through sourcing passive job seekers and she builds a strong network of quality candidates accessible at any time. Her motivation and attention to detail ensure the best candidates match with client needs every time. With an extensive background in recruiting, Brandy knows what it takes to identify high-potential prospects, nurture relationships, and select the highest quality candidates based on in-depth research and analysis.