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Emplicity Search leverages a Full-Cycle Recruitment process when placing candidates at your company. We begin the process by creating a Job Brief to fully understand the requirements of the position and to identify what the ideal candidate looks like. Our process ends when we've placed the best candidate possible into your organization quickly and effectively solving your business need. We believe Full-Cycle Recruitment lowers turnover rates and reduces the cost of hiring - thereby saving you time and money.

A basic outline of this process is outlined below:

Stage 1Research and Understanding

Emplicity Search uses the Job Brief as a first step to better understand your needs and what will be required of the position. We will delve deep into the needs of your organization, discuss details of the position you are looking to fill, develop a timeframe, and sketch out your ideal candidate. This information will be used to develop a plan to market the position, a screening questionnaire, an interview roadmap, and ultimately find you the best talent solution.

Stage 2Candidate Sourcing

The most familiar stage of the recruitment process is the development of a candidate pipeline. Emplicity Search will develop and execute an ad campaign, along with passive recruiting and networking with industry-specific and professional contacts for referrals. Candidates will be vetted through this process to ensure that only the top-tier talents be pushed forward to the next stage.

Stage 3Interviewing

Emplicity Search will perform initial interviews with identified candidates to verify that all position requirements are met and that the candidate fits into the company culture. Our team will narrow the recruiting pool to the best applicants and refer them to the hiring manager for final interviews and/or further qualifying efforts. At the conclusion of the interview, Emplicity Search will reach out to both the candidate and the hiring manager to gauge opinions on the team, department, company, and the interview process and will adjust the search and process to maximize results and efficiencies.

Stage 4Candidate Placement

Once the hiring manager has chosen their ideal candidate, Emplicity Search will work with the hiring manager through the offer and negotiation phase of the search process. Emplicity Search will work as an intermediary between the candidate and hiring manager to agree to terms of salary, job duties, benefits and starting date of employment. A formal offer letter will be presented to the candidate by the employer. We become such a trusted advisor to our candidates that many times Emplicity Search plays and integral role in the execution of the offer letter.

Stage 5Post-Hire Check-In

Our goal is to minimize turnover - we want you to find the perfect candidate the first time! Our team will stay in touch with you and your new hire after employment begins to verify that the job promised meets the expectations of both parties. Emplicity Search will reach out to the employer to detail any findings - which we hope are all positive.