Developing Your 2017 Recruiting Strategy

Posted by: on February 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

2017 is here and it’s time to asses our recruiting strategies so we can set fresh to conquer the year ahead of us. This mean comparing what you want to accomplish against all the possible market forces like behavioral shift, labor shortage, rising salary rates, technological shift, and more. Below are a few things to consider when preparing your 2017 strategy.


2015 was the year of the millennials, they were the largest population in the work force and this overtake doesn’t seem to be slowing down. When you put aside cultural differences, you understand that this generation is native to the digital world; they were born connected to the internet. And because of this they expect the technology they use at work to be as good as they have in their personal lives. If they have to visit your old career sites that they can’t access through their phone and then spend10 minutes filling application forms by hand, they are not interested. Spend time closely examining where you are from a millennials perspective and make the changes accordingly.


Generally, markets prefer stability but last year’s Brexit Vote and Donald Trump’s Victory will certainly create some uncertainty and volatility in the market. Everyone is wondering what the effects of these two unforeseen events will be. And being is agile with your strategy is very important. This can be of such significance that you might see changes from month to month or quarter to quarter as businesses will be trying to place their bets accordingly. This can mean bumps and jumps one month followed by quick and reactive slowdowns the next. 2017 will definitely be a rollercoaster ride, so bracing yourselves and being agile with your approach and recruiting process will be of key importance.


Recruiting is marketing, this is something that I’m sure you’ve heard of before and has been going on for years now but surprisingly it seems like only the top 5% – 10% recruiters are embracing it. A good approach for 2017 would be to start looking outside your old recruitment strategies and even attending marketing conferences and webinars by pros. Marketing is an extremely fast paced industry but the option to compete with the top tier is getting easier.  Marketing and Employment branding go hand in hand.  The importance of selling your organization in the recruitment conversation is more important than ever before.

There is a lot to consider when preparing a recruiting strategy but these basic points should help you kick start the year!

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