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Blog Post 05 Salary discussions can almost seem more daunting than the actual interview. If you’ve reached this point in the interview – congratulations! Knowing when to raise the question of what you are looking for in pay can be a slippery slope. Do you raise the question or wait for the hiring manager to bring up the […] continue reading this post

Blog Post 04 While your resume serves as the tool to get you an interview, you still have to perform above and beyond expectations during the interview to earn your coveted offer letter. Preparation is the key to your success and it is more than just reviewing the company’s Web site and the posted job description. You will […] continue reading this post

Blog Post 03 Telephone interviews are increasing in popularity with hiring managers. Whether this works in your favor depends on how you prepare for them. Telephone interviews are typically used as a pre-screening technique for candidates, but they may also be utilized for candidates who live far away. Regardless of the reason, you must take them as seriously […] continue reading this post

Employers should set expectations about how a company is run by having a clear picture of the visions or brands of the company. Establishing brands and content lends credibility to the company, especially when potential candidates are reviewing your social media pages and corporate Web site. Developing employer-branded content can seem overwhelming at first, especially […] continue reading this post