Communicating Rewards & Benefit Packages

Posted by: on January 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

Effective marketing of rewards and benefit packages your company provides is not just a summed-up list on a piece of paper or a blog on your company site. This is a lengthy process that requires research and understanding of what is most important about the company benefits offered to your employees. This is what is fundamentally called employment branding.

Employment branding is a branding plan that highlights what matters most to your employees by interacting with your current employees. Ensuring your current employees are happy, results in them talking to other people about how happy and satisfied they are at their jobs and soon enough you’ll be one of the top companies in regards to employee engagement and branding. This is very important in a tight labor market.

Another great approach is to talk to ex-employees.  Going over exit surveys and studying them to better understand why employees are leaving can be of extreme importance in developing recruiting and retention strategies.  Communicating with ex-employees to understand the pros and cons of working at your firm can give you insights needed for developing a stronger employment brand and benefits package.

Having powerful content and media that effectively represents your rewards and benefits packages is key.  It’s highly recommended that this information be distributed to job listings, career sites and throughout the hiring and offer process. Many times, having information and resources explaining why your companies benefit packages are better than the competition can also have an impact by reinforcing the content and media you already have.

Last, but not least, monitoring review sites can also be beneficial. Candidates monitor these sites and so should you to better understand what the employee is interested in and what short comings your company might have.  Know that candidates are reading these reviews, so taking the time to encourage current employees to post reviews can help create a more balanced review of your company.

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