Six Ways to Create Employer Branding Content

Posted by: on July 25, 2016 in Employer

Employers should set expectations about how a company is run by having a clear picture of the visions or brands of the company. Establishing brands and content lends credibility to the company, especially when potential candidates are reviewing your social media pages and corporate Web site.

Developing employer-branded content can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you have not pursued it before. We’ve put together a road map for you to follow so you can do it quickly and effectively.

Create a Positive Work Culture
Building a community within the workplace will greatly enhance performance of your employees. The six needs are recognition, autonomy, personal growth, meaningful work, sense of belonging, and respect. Employers sometimes forget that to create outside content, driving productivity within the company is also necessarily. Those six needs are keys to the success of a team. When your employees feel valued, they will naturally put in the effort to grow the company.

Informative Posting
Have a timeline of posts and contents aligned for part of your internal employees. The reason to have everything prepared ahead of time is to avoid duplicate postings as well as informing everyone of what is ahead. A timeline will also help with prioritizing the topics that matter more and display to employees what they are working for. Posting is the ability to establish the core values and strategies your company is aiming for.

Snag Attention Quickly
People can lose interest easily, especially in this age of technology. By creating and posting content that is easily digested or that catches an eye, the message will stand out more. One way is to break down the message you want the audience to understand. Hone in on a simple design; this makes the content pop. Lastly, consider your audience type and avenues. Where would be the optimal locations or spots for others to see these contents?

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Sometimes, adding pictures can be more efficient. Pictures are able to succinctly describe a topic in a short amount of time. Or, perhaps, adding visuals is a great way to break apart long blocks of text. Visually, they also add more interest and can help clarify the content. For example, giving instructions in picture format omits the need for lengthy, confusing prose.

Share an Anecdote
Often times, a storyline will aid in retention. Whether the story was funny, sad, or a range of emotions, the purpose is to connect with the audience. They are able to associate the story with the content and that creates a bond. This bond is what contributes to customer loyalty. So, ask around the office. Employees may have an experience or two that can become a great story to tell. Not only are employees able to lend their voices, but managing this content is a great way to keep the ideas basket full!

Analyze Past Content
It is important to evaluate content that your company has put out. Be honest with yourself because in the end, if the advertising is not working-find a different avenue. Be ready and bold to switch when necessary. Measure your content by checking your ratings and clicks from social media or by asking your employees about them. The statistics are able to display results of what is and what may not be working.

Branding can be hard work but can have a great pay off in the end. Make confident decisions and prepare so that you’re be able to tackle the hurdles that come your way. The best way to become more experienced in branding content is to analyze the branding you are drawn to and pay attention to. This is a great way to understand what content might work for your company.