Things Candidates Want to Know About Your Company

Posted by: on July 25, 2016 in Employer

Blog Post 01When candidates are looking for a new job, they are looking beyond the responsibilities of the position posted and seeking information on the size of the team they will be joining, the corporate culture, and the required number of hours per week. Candidates seek this information to build a holistic view of the company, its values and the way a specific role integrates into the company.

Now that you know candidates will be seeking this information – how do you make sure it is readily available? Job seekers typically research companies on social media and review corporate Web sites – so these are obvious places to start updating if this information presently does not exist. If a job seeker cannot find this information quickly, they may choose to pass on an opportunity and apply elsewhere. Your ideal candidate could be going to another company!

Having a transparent employer brand will allow for your company to be top of mind with candidates when they search you out on the Internet. We put together a list of items that candidates want to know about your company so you can be sure to add these to your corporate profile.

Values and Goals of the Organization
Prospective employees want to know more than your company’s mission statement. They want to know more about the values and goals of your organization, including your corporate social responsibility. Job seekers want to see themselves in these values and goals, knowing immediately where they can fit in with the future vision of the company. If they cannot see themselves in the company they simply won’t apply!

Corporate Culture
Corporate culture is more than a buzz word, it’s the life source of your company. The company environment and team dynamic can be a deal breaker for an incoming employee. Some applicants may strive to work in a vibrant, high-energy environment and may be disappointed to learn that your environment doesn’t match their personal work style. This can create a personal conflict for new hires and you may find your ideal candidate has lost interest and you’ll have to begin your search once more.

Candidates should be able to get a sense from your company through the visuals posted on your Web site and social media pages, the text on your page, and how your company is represented in the job description. Be honest in what it is like to work at your company so you can hire a candidate that is a perfect fit.

Your Team
Your team is the backbone of your company and it’s imperative to showcase their talents to give prospective candidates insight into who their future coworkers are. Your job candidate will be spending more than 40 hours per week with your team so it’s important to highlight your team’s milestones or achievements on social media. This is a great way to show candidates what they can look forward to once they join your team.

Leadership Style
Everyone’s management style is different. Your potential candidate may need more hands-on time than you are able to give – which can be a conflict. Providing transparency about this in the job posting will give candidates a well-rounded idea of who their future boss will be, in addition to knowing what management style works best for them.